Matt Hopkins was born and raised in the Kansas City metro area. His Father Phil introduced him to firearms at a early age going hunting for squirrels, turkey, and white tail deer in the north Missouri woods. His father introduced him to handgun shooting at a local indoor bowling pin shoot and reloading ammunition to compete on a weekly basis. In 2007 Matt bought his first handgun and took a introduction to pistol class with TDSA Tulsa. The instructors introduced Matt to competition and was hooked since that day.

He attended his first match in August of 2007 earning a “C” class classification in USPSA. In October of 2007 Matt competed in his first level 2 match winning C class in production. Matt progressed through the classification system until earning the highest ranking becoming the 60th person in the world to be a Grand Master in the Production division. In 2010 CZ-USA took notice of Matt’s shooting skills and brought him on as a fully sponsored professional shooter. Matt Hopkins is currently shooting the CZ-USA SP-01 Shadow.

USPSA Production Grand Master

Shooting Accomplishments:

  • 2014 7th overall Production Nationals
  • High Overall ProAm Limited 2012
  • High Overall ProAm Open 2014
  • 2011 13th overall Production Nationals
  • 2011 2nd overall Double Tap
  • Area 3 Production Champion 2x
  • High Overall state champion 4x Missouri, 2x Kansas, 2x Oklahoma, Illinois, Great Plains


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